2 comments on “Chapter Three: Getting Closer

  1. Hey Joseph,

    I’m finally, at long last, getting caught up with your Sweet Willow blog. Just wanna say that I love the music clips from Idaho. Your “Macbeth” is wonderfully atmospheric, and that’s a great tune you have running through it. And “Comedy of Errors” is entirely worthy of the compiler of the Weird, Strange and Whacko series. All ofr which has me looking forward to hearing the new Sonambulist Variations.

    • Thanks for the comment Paul. As for the tune running through the Macbeth Overture, the director asked for something that sounded ‘Wagnerian’. What you heard is what my idea of ‘Wagnerian’ was back then.
      The Comedy of Errors chase played very much like an old silent movie when it was performed. Yes, the music could easily be included in the next installment of Weird, Strange, and Whacko.

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